Four Furies

Catching up

up until now...

Back log:

Episode 1

  • The PCs had been captured and held as slaves in the mines, under the thumb of some goblins. Milo found a magic dagger and a note, along with some thieves’ tools. He was able to pick the lock, and the four rescued 12 slaves as they escaped.

After escaping, they found that the goblins, orcs and kobolds were all uniting under “The Four Furies”, and were preparing to attack the other races to the West

Episode 2

  • The escaped refugees searched for food, for help, and hid from the patrols. They ran into an old hunting lodge currently occupied by an owlbear, and was able to defeat the owlbear and use the resources

Episode 3

  • Ailith met an old wounded Paladin (Wellstone), who needed Ailith’s health to warn the halfling rivertowns. Ailith left and the others continued, running into Eimip, a druid who was trying to rescue the younger druids. They freed the druids and ran into the first Fury- Mannoc, riding a T-Rex. The leader Eimip showed the group what they were hiding from the Furies- a silver dragon egg- and sacrificed himself to give them time to escape.

Episode 4

  • The PCs ran and ran, chased by the Army of the Furies. They met up with Ailith- who was also being chased by the Army, in the other direction. They found a side path into a swamp, and traded being chased by the army with a giant undead crocodile. After defeating the croc, they made it to the bridge to the elven lands- where Mannoc’s lieutenant and two others were waiting. They were able to defeat the lieutenant and escaped to elven lands…



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